Chris: *sounds like a 5 years old boy* Hello..
CP: Hello?
Chris: I am Chris...i am 5 years old... I just got a message that my blue puffle just ran away..
CP: Yes..
Chris: Can i get it back?
CP: I'm sorry my dear, you can't get it back...
Chris: Why?
CP: I'm sorry..
Chris: WHY YOU! WHY WON'T YOU HELP A CP USER!?! @%#%*&(&*&%^$%#$@#%^#%!@*$%&!@!@!!!! I will hang this phone out!
CP: Okay, okay, what is your Penguin name?
Chris: It's 'OneTwoThree'..
CP: Okay we will get it back for you! *hangs up*

After Chris log on to CP, he found he is banned...

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